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Becoming rentABLE is helping renters with disabilities find rentals!

Becoming rentABLE was founded in 2021, after years of struggling to find accessible short-term rental properties. We are an accessible short-term vacation rental listing platform transforming the way we look at accessibility beyond the wheelchair so everyone, an elderly relative, a family member with a physical disability or even a friend who has been temporarily disabled can have access to dream vacation properties and opportunities to build long lasting memories.

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to accessibility. Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes. While wheelchair accessibility is the most common, there is also hearing, vision, autism/IDD, walker and aging accessibility. That's why we offer 36 filters, so renters can customize their own search and find the best property for them and their family.

  • We have the largest listing of accessible short-term rentals with over 1100 accessible short-term properties listed on our map, more than Airbnb and VRBO combined!

  • We have listings in all 50 states, in over 685 cities across the United States In August 2022, International Hospitality Media Limited out of the UK listed Lorraine

  • Woodward and Becoming rentABLE in the top 20 influencers across travel, hospitality and real estate

Becoming rentABLE can help you increase your bookings with this niche market by verifying accessibility in your property. Even if you don't think your property is accessible, it's worth an evaluation as many property owners are surprised what we find.

  1. Becoming rentABLE Evaluation: Simply fill out the online form at, pay the $50 fee and we will let you know if your property has any accessible features.

  2. Becoming rentABLE Certification: If we find accessible features through the evaluation, we will send you a link to certify your property. The certification is $300 and will boost your property bookings by capturing the attention of this niche market.

Have questions? Email Want to learn more? Check out any of our social media platforms listed in the top right corner, including our website that has a lot of great information.

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