Inform, Educate & Implement

When traveling to the Poconos, please be aware of all Short Term Rental Regulations, Local Laws, HOA / Community Rules.  
They exist to set guidelines for vacationers in residential communities.  * Fines are imposed for infractions.
RENTERS: Please understand these are family communities, act accordingly, as if you lived in the neighboring home. 

Ordinances & HOA Rules

Short Term Rental Model Ordinance
  • ​Draft Ordinance Updated 08.25.2020
    • ​SHORT-TERM RENTAL - Any Dwelling Unit utilized as a single-family residence rented for the purpose of overnight lodging for a period of thirty (30) days or less.  Permit required once enacted. 
    • CAPACITY - Overnight guests of a Short-Term Rental shall be limited to two per bedroom plus four. Listing(s) must match
    • PARKING - Outdoor parking for overnight and day guests shall be limited to available parking areas on the STR property (not street).
    • NOISE - Neither Short-Term Rental occupants nor guests shall engage in disorderly conduct or disturb the peace and quiet of any nearby neighborhood.
    • NUISANCE - In the interest of promoting the public health, safety and welfare, and minimizing the burden on Township and community services and impacts on residential neighborhoods posed by Short- Term Rentals, a violation of any of the provisions of this Chapter is declared to be a public nuisance.
    • RV & CAMPING: Overnight occupancy of recreational vehicles, camper trailers and tents at the property where the Short-Term Rental is located shall not be allowed. Outdoor overnight sleeping of occupants or guests of the Short-Term Rental is prohibited.
    • FIREWORKS (HOAs have immediate $500 fine) - Fireworks and floating lanterns are prohibited.
    • SUBLEASING all or a portion of the dwelling unit is prohibited.
    • NOTIFICATIONS: Notification that an occupant or guest may be cited and fined for creating a disturbance or for violating other provisions of the Tobyhanna Township Code, including parking and occupancy limits. Occupants and guests are required to make the property available for inspection by the Enforcement Officer upon request. Includes a full copy of The Tobyhanna Township Short-Term Rental Ordinance.
      • ​Any person, partnership, corporation or other entity who or which violates or permits a violation of the provisions of this Chapter shall, upon conviction in a summary proceeding, pay a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000 per violation, plus all court costs and reasonable attorney's fees incurred by Tobyhanna Township in the enforcement proceedings, and/or be imprisoned to the extent allowed by law for the punishment of summary offenses. Each day or portion thereof that a violation exists or continues shall constitute a separate violation.
      • ​In addition to, but not in limitation of, the provisions of Subsection A and Section 13, the Enforcement Officer may either revoke, or deny an application to renew, a Short-Term Rental Permit for three (3) uncured or repeated violations of this Chapter in any rolling twelve (12) calendar month period. The revocation or denial to renew a Short-Term Rental Permit shall continue for six (6) months for the first set of three (3) uncured or repeated violations, and continue for one (1) year for any subsequent sets of violations.​
COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP​ - Short Term Rental Ordinance​: PASSED - 8/18/2020
Please use these resources to educate renters.  Highlight major rules & regulations in your listing, include in channel partner / website agreements and confirm in your initial communication.
OWNERS: Please integrate these resources above and below into your lease and educate your renters. 

Owner Resources

  • Make potential renters aware in the Description about HOA Rules & if you require a lease (recommended).​
  • In the Main Body, include specifics like reminding renters it is a residential community, HOA Temp Membership fees, quiet hours, age requirements, no parties, pet info, parking, fireworks, garbage & recycling, etc. 
  • Highly recommend following up with a phone call to ensure compliance and ask any questions. 
  • Guest Resources: add your House manual to this section.  Make sure it includes township ordinance, code of conduct & HOA info.
  • House Rules: add your Rental Agreement & House manual to this section.  Make sure it includes township ordinance, code of conduct & HOA info.
Websites & Other Channel Partners
  • Guest Resources: add your Lease & House manual.  Make sure it includes township ordinance, code of conduct & HOA info.
  • Cancel For Any Reason & Travel Insurance:

    • Travel Insurance will cover traditional trip interruptions, sickness, death, injury, medical and more.

      • Plan Cost: 7.00% of Reservation Total (Travel Protection Plan only).

      • * NOTE: Travel & CFAR Insurance MUST be purchased within 14 days of booking and at least 30 days prior to arrival. 

    • Optional Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) is the best coverage to cancel for any reason and most of guests are getting this to cover the unknown.

      • 9.80% of Reservation Total (Travel Protection Plan with optional CFAR, in states where available). 60% reimbursement.

      • * NOTE: Travel & CFAR Insurance MUST be purchased within 14 days of booking and at least 30 days prior to arrival. 4

      • ** CFAR Benefit is NOT currently available to residents of New York, New Hampshire, or Washington.

  • More Info:

  • Options within 30 day travel period, check out: Travel Guard:

  • * COVID-19 Travel Q&A;

COVID-19 Resources
Shifting the culture of travelers starts with the owner.  Here are some tips for successful home rentals vs. a "spring break party hotel".
Theses are our homes, our communities and our families. Act as if your family lives here! 
OWNERS & RENTERSTogether we can make it work. 
Important places to post regulations & ordinance info 
  1. ​Listing: Make it clear in the description and any pertinent Township, HOA or House Rules. Include a lease. 
  2. Welcome Email / Automated Response: Make sure they have all the info and documents that list Rules.  
  3. Acknowledgement: Through lease, email confirmation and/or phone call please make renters aware and acknowledge the rules. This gives them a chance to ask any clarifying questions and you have the opportunity to avoid any potential issues. 
(Checklists, renter engagement and paths to ownership to come)